February 12, 2009

Toni to herself: "Come now, Sassy Miss, let's call it a day..."

One word: "Phew!"
Or is there such a word? Oh, an interjection, thank you.

One boring summer, I attended a 10-day workshop on English Proficiency (@ English Masters Educational Center) *really, they should've extended it to at least a year or two, look how unproficient I still am, haha...hard to teach old dogs new tricks, eh?

So anyway...back to my blah-blah-oh-blah-dee-oh-blah-duh!

...and on day 3, I remembered *I have sharp memory. Uh-huh, day 3* being asked this hypothetical question:

After a long day's work, you reach home, hit the couch and rest both feet up on the coffee table/footrest, what sort of work would have made you feel that way?

or so the question was like that, I can't exactly remember how it was formulated and all.. *haha, did I just say I have sharp memory?...toink!.. and worse, I can't remember what my answer was or if I had an answer then, at all...but I can, now.

It's that day like today.

The day when I felt like I was a kid tagging along her mom in the workplace, an innocent observer, trying to decode the actions that are really usually very ordinary...

Well it was really very ordinary. Except to that girl like me who does not know what she's doing there. Who cannot believe she was where she was, with the people she was with, doing the same things they were doing, eating the same almost-royal buffet they were eating, rubbing elbows with the people who do tasks she usually just hear of and observe in her 30-inch boobtube... Passing regal doorways, stepping on red carpet, ushered by butlers, formally introduced and shook hands with people she usually just hear of and observe in her 30-inch boobtube *Did I repeat the phrase?... three different venues in a day, venues where that girl, had she been alone without the borrowed 'power' she has - might have been interrogated before being ushered away for gatecrashing.

That was today. And I still am that girl, still decoding why I was being made to savor the experience. Could it be where I belong?

Well, I can only quote the prayer my Religious Communication professor uttered yesterday after my well-applauded*hehe, thank you, thank you* Report on Ethical Issues:

For all that has been, Thank You, Lord;
for all that will be, YES, Lord!

Really, thank you. Oh, where's my halo?

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