February 19, 2012

POSTCARD LOVE POST: If It's Meant To Be, It's Meant To Be

One day in the meadow where pink fragrant  roses bloom

One day in Paradise

Oh heck! One fine day...

*heehee~ ^_*

Pardon the over-aged drama queen in me if I kind of overreacted when I won a gotochi postcard  from a guessing game hosted by a fellow postcard hobbyist, Clarissa Candido last week. It may sound a bit childish but I really was  over the moon *blush*, I even had this to say (see highlighted in orange)

Who wouldn't be? Gotochi postcards are special and a lot of postcard collectors fancy them ... well, I find everything in and about Japan special, why I've lived there for two years so I'm not just saying that, I can attest to that.  (: 

Anyway, lemme tell you how I won through a series of screen caps. Let us call this moment... 


Serendipity.  *giggles~ ^__^


As you can see, I  aimed my shot in the dark  right away, strike while I'm hot WHAAAT?
by the way I am Toni Antonio (Hi, hello, I'm pleased to meet you). I was supposed to be the first one to participate and my guess was Russia, but after 5.44457 nanoseconds (to be exact... Haha. just kidding, of course I know nothing about numbers except when I'm out shopping ) I changed it to Belarus, and with fingers crossed, I typed a heart icon <3 and hit enter. Final answer --- my heart told me so, not that I trust my heart that much, you see it has been broken for seven countless times (7  x   = you do the Math) but you know... ^__~

kidding aside, lemme continue

Meanwhile, while waiting for Clarissa's hundredth official postcrossing postcard to come her way, I stalked the post for every single comment  to see what the other members' presumptions were

Anxiously waiting for the day Clarissa would register the much-anticipated hundredth postcard,  I posted another comment expressing my apprehension, stating that I'd surely regret it if the 100th card would be from Russia:

Until finally:

and again I say, I can't believe my eyes so I looked for proof everywhere, as in Every freakin' Where. ^_*

Sweet Belarus, it is. And oh, don't forget this icon, it brought luck ---> <3

And then, finally, the victory (the victory, victory??? isn't that so big a word? well, it felt that big though) has sunk right in.

Please scroll back up and take a look at the first photo for the reaction shot. ^__^



February 17, 2012

POSTCARD LOVE POST: No Stars Out Tonight

If there'll be no stars out tonight, blame a lovely lady from Belgium named Aline Conard . She sent them all to me.  ^_^

Postcard on the right is Starstruck by Erte (1892-1990).

Oh, Art Deco is one of the Art & Design  Movements I so love and thus I adore Erte. I find it so chic and eclectic and fabulous. This is my second Erte postcard by the way. I got the first one from Moniek Krouwel-Schuurman, and it's equally awesome. Look:

Spring Rain by Erte (serigraph, 1982).

The postcard on the left (first photo) is a vintage reprint. Yet another addition to my growing Retro, Vintage Reprints, and Really Vintage Postcard Collection. ^_^

February 15, 2012

Five Years and Counting

Hello http://www.sassymisstoni.blogspot.com  (:

I know I shouldn't address you that way as it sounds so... well, electronic, even if - technically - you REALLY ARE electronic --- you are my electronic confidante... e-confidante... e-confidante... hmmm, that doesn't sound bad at all, does it? Just like an e-book, or a book sans the feeling. BUT! but I have you for five years now. Yes, 5. Five loooooong years and  in fact today, a day after Valentine's Day, we turn 5. *Cheers to that*.

Didn't I just mention that an e-book is a book minus the feeling? Wait, so that would mean you are my friend, my confidante without the feeling. Now why do I feel like I'm an ingrate bitch?

Nah, given that length of time, I know I have breathed life into you by now, and our togetherness has progressed into  something way more special than just being electronic. Why, you've been there for me at my worst (wait, isn't that John Lloyd's line?)... You've seen me shed dregs as I burgeon from a disturbed juvenile into an adult (albeit still disturbed). You've heard how both my wrath and my bliss reverberated. You've witnessed the many lives I've lived as well as the countless deaths that have kept on renewing my spirit.............. Ooooooooooooops! Where  is this heading to?

Oh well,  'guess I'm still who I've been since February 15, 2007. Guess I am still the same sassy  me after all these years.

Happy five years, beloved blog. I love that you never left. I love you.

Happy 5th Anniversary. I love you.