March 24, 2009

Toni the Strange

I'm not used to this.
This is something strange for me.
Weird, yeah.
I'm weird this way,yeah.
I am.

I'm not used to this.
Not used to finishing something.
I've always been the procrastinator.
I've always left things,
and thoughts,
and relationships,
half done.
Unfinished. Hanging. Floating. Drifting.

So this thing here, this one here...
I'm not used to this.
But it's in my name now.
It is.
And I am.

So I guess I had better.
Get used to this.
It's something I deserve, I guess.
It's something that should've been mine way before.
Way, way long before.

I have it now.
I am it now.
I am.
I am now.

This BS got a BS... and this time it ain't BS!

Ripped from my FACEBOOK:

Here I am world,

I just got my BS !!!

...and this time,

it doesn't mean

b*llsh*t haha...

I just got a degree!

To God be the glory...

So you won't be needing tampons to stuff your noses with,
lemme' translate the title to earthspeak:

This BS* got a BS**... and this time it ain't BS***! - - -


....and I'll go ROCKIN' & ROLLIN' on! \m/

so I'll gather no moss...

March 16, 2009

Now I Can Dance...and Blog...and Rant... *I'm back to normal

Despite my younger bro"s PANG-OOKRAY, my day went well...Before I hit the door, I summoned up enough patience not to strangle a gay brother... I could reeeeeeeeally hate him sometimes... HE could be bitchier than I am. And I hate that. I am the Queen Bitchessa, and today, he dethroned me! The nerve!

This is why I cleaned the toiletseat with his toothbrush... haha *kidding, I"m not THAT wicked, yo...

I put on my new moss-green gingham shirtdress with a matchy-matchy gingham belt to cinch it with and there he went, yakking about how I look as preppy as a worker in a ward, circa 50s. I wore it anyway... telling him it, indeed, is the look I wanna project! He said, he"s not buying it. And so will the fashion police....

*will finish this later, the apostrophe key bothers me....

March 12, 2009

Got Carried Away


That's God, I gotta go! Haha...

I've completely forgotten I have a (graduation) pictorial tomorrow...
....'need to hit the sack or I'll look like a raccoon in the yearbook...Haha.

Wow! Dig this:

Yeah, I know, I know it's soooooooooooo looooooooooong been OVERDUE. ... but what can a BLACKSHEEP do, eh?


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March 1, 2009

Lettin' Go...Lovin' Life!

The forces in my universe must have waited for this moment...
this moment when I've finally learned
to accept the things I knew I cannot change.


Thank you, St. Francis
Now I'm lovin' life!