February 5, 2009

Roller Coaster Operator

Defective harness
Old and rusty, rickety chains
decaying planks
Every part is now
dilapidated by barrels of tears

But the black-hearted chauffeur
never cares
he just keeps on driving
leading this lost little girl
leading this lost little girl on

this lost little girl
who holds her cotton candy tight
who tugs at her red balloon
who hangs on for her dear life

The chauffeur never cares
No, he never does
Yet this lost little girl
Enjoys the roller coaster ride

Yet this lost little girl
craves the roller coaster ride

For she knows no other joy besides it
For her there's no greater joy
no greater joy
besides it

And she waits til she falls
and she awaits her death
She waits
for her fall
She waits
for her death

She waits...
she waits...

Until she's AWAKE

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