February 18, 2009

Momentarily. Signing. Off.

As if ironically and sarcastically complementing with my current state, my friendster page now looks like this:

It got infested with a virus from who knows where, rendering me faceless and voiceless
* I cannot post a shoutout*, so
I'll just yodel here:

I am momentarily signing off for three days. *As if even a single soul cares, haha*..
I'll be off to Baguio City for a three-day recluse...err..retreat starting tomorrow. The marian-blue consent form I had my gay brother slash guardian *who needs more guarding than I do* says the purpose is to...ehermmnnn...know myself better .

Hah! It takes the universe for me to decode myself...haha, what a feat! Futile Feat, really...but I'll take the challenge...whew!

So, au revoir...*airborne kisses...mwah mwah*

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