January 18, 2012

Good Morning Mommy

So I slept around 3:00am, savoring my uninterrupted time online, saying hey, I can sleep until noon anywa - uh-oh~ have I forgotten I'm a mom to an adorable little imp? And that having a decent sleep has been a futile thing since the day I gave birth (to him). 

This morning though, I tried my darnedest and refused to give in. I hid under the blanket, ignoring my li'l boy's wail, almost pleading"mameeemamee-meee...". You see, he's been used to kissing the morning sun since day one, and together we watch tiny yellow butterflies kiss the flowers in the garden. But this time my still snoozing brain retorted, give me 2 more hours baby, you can have 22.

But can any mom really be selfish even for a nanosecond? Nah. So I made a bargain and opened an eye, looking at what he'd do next. To my amazement he turned the TV on so the room brightened up enough for him to see where his toys are. He then picked his plastic mallet ( note: made of hard plastic ) and.... oh, you know what happened next. >_<

It was a good *OUch!!!* morning.

January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama

My son is quite lucky he has a good mom like me. 

Wait, wait, I am not being self-righteous or conceited here, I am stating a fact. I am sure I am a great mom because of one thing ---

I have a great mom.

With her over-aged naivete, extreme timidity, seeming lack of own identity (in my opinion) because she loves my dad much tooooo much, as in waaaaay toooo much, I still find her great - in fact to me she is the greatest. And she has a beautiful face, still free from wrinkles at 52 to top all that - that's why I am also sure I'll age gracefully, besides I've always been told I look very much like her. :)

Oh, this isn't supposed to be about me >_<

Today, January 18, is my mama Luz's 52nd birthday. I do miss her now, she's an hour of plane ride away, and I can only imagine her in our dingy kitchen in Davao cooking the 'mandatory' Pancit Bijon Guisado for long life. The kind she cooks whenever my birthday comes, with or without my presence.

I love you, Mama. Happy birthday. ♥