September 30, 2008

September 27, 2008

Brave Cowardice

So brave of me
to battle with
One hundred and fourty-three
gazillion batallion
of butterflies in my tummy

Yet coward
to look at
the master
in the eye.

September 17, 2008

Amen, Gertrude, Amen.

Poetry is

concerned with using

with abusing,

with losing

with wanting,

with denying

with avoiding

with adoring

with replacing the noun.

It is doing that

always doing that,

doing that

and doing nothing but that.

Poetry is doing nothing

but using



and pleasing

and betraying

and caressing nouns.

That is

what poetry does,

that is what poetry has to do

no matter what kind of poetry it is.

And there are a great many kinds of poetry.

---Gertrude Stein

September 15, 2008

Sorry Dear

I've stroked my pen of colorless ink into the thinnest sheet of air
I've dipped my sun-drenched index finger on the sand
Yes, I have written you a poem dear
I just wonder where it's gone

For I have loved you in my dreams dear
In my slumber, you were the one
But when I woke up, dear, I wonder
Where have you and I gone?

I tried to reach you through a letter
This time I used an ink of rain
I wrote the letter on the gutter
It held my misery and pain

But I guess it didn't reach you dear
So I tried using another one
I cut my wrist, dear, I bruised my hand
For I have to reach you in ways I can

Forgive me, dear, for what I've done

September 14, 2008

My dream and what it means, according to Mama... =)

I just texted mama and asked her what my dream meant...I was actually gonna ask her for a load but I forgot... because of my excitement over what she told me, haha.

The former-black sheep daughter:
, unsa'y meaning sa akong damgo?Nanakop daw ko ug hamog nga lain-lain ug color sa mingaw nga green field...

Translation 101:
Ma, what does my dream mean? I w
as chasing multi-colored droplets of dew in a quiet green field...

The young-looking, pretty mama who's sorely missed by her former-black sheep daughter
I-text taka unya, naa pa koy meeting diri sa chapel.

T 101: I'll text you later, I'm in a meeting... here in the chapel (That's where my
blessings came from, from the prayers of a God-fearing mom.)

After an hour or so...


(Now I can imagine her leafing
through the heavy new age books she sweetly asked that we'd purchase for her at Gateway )
A green field of grass means joy and hope. Reflecting dew in the early morning sun means health, peace, and happiness. Seeing ducks sipping dewd
rops on the blades of grass means love, health, happiness, and romance. Nindot man kaayo ang meaning sa imong dream.

T 101: The meaning of your dream is very nice.

Me: ( 'cause I can't remember mentioning any ducks, although that would have made my dream more panoramic)

Wala may ducks ma, colored lang
ang dew. Pangitaa daw palihog ang 'steep' or 'slope'...

T 101: There aren't any ducks, Ma. Only that the dew is colored. Would you please look up 'steep' or 'slope'...

Mama: Wala may slope ug steep diri. Wala gyud sa duha ka libro, kaning bag-o ug daan...

T 101: There's no 'slope' or steep' here. Neither in the two books, this old one and new.

Me: Wokei...

Oh, wait...I think I forgot something... yeah, the load!
....tagai ko ug load..

Yeah, I believe in dreams. ...I believe in miracles.

September 13, 2008

Chasing Rainbows

Last night I dreamt I was chasing
droplets of multi-colored morning dew
in a field so serene...

Though I couldn't see myself,
I saw the sheer fabric I wore

swaying in the tranquil breeze...

Yeah I was chasing
rainbow-colored dew

Was I chasing dreams?

No, this isn't a poem in progress, I literally had this dream last night...yeah, last night, not this dawn. Finally, I slept as early as 11:00pm, not because of counting sheeps, I've long given up on that...because it involves Math ....I trekked down the slumber world with the help of these misplaced images :
  • a bitter gourd plantation (uh-huh correct, ampalaya )
  • a wet, disturbed cat, roused by...
  • a savage, grizzly bear
  • an old man who lost his rifle
  • a robot with a wilted frown
  • a cotton plantation with heavy gates guarded by the robot with a wilted frown
Wherever these sleep-inducing characters came from, go ask my nocturnal textmate. Figments of his imagination are as marvelous as he is..but I cannot thank him enough for putting me to sleep. Try playing a mental jigsaw and put the images in their places, ewan ko lang if you won't fall asleep halfway through the mind-boggling task.

Meanwhile, I have to text
mama and ask her what my dream means. She has this thick book on that...

September 12, 2008


You have been duly warned: I am a stalker and....

STALKING has begun...Although not in the flesh yet, I'll wait for the artist's 3rd Solo to do that.

By sightings, I mean the ones limited only in the confines of my humble bunk, like local magazines and the world wide web.

So here's how far I've gone so far:

Page 158 of FHM Magazine, September 2008 ish. Work featured: Shut Up

Feature about Rajo Laurel's pimped-up place, page 86 of Preview Magazine, September 2008 ish.
Work seen (as collected by The Rajo Laurel, designer extraordinnaire) : Veronica

Plus the following electronic publications/articles:

(list excludes the artist's official website)

And oh, you should take this virtual tour:

>> A Day When Everything Is Beautiful

...Until next stalking, peepz