December 28, 2009

Please excuse me while I grow up...

I have been procrastinating growing up for quite some time now, maybe because I got addicted with its effect on me - must be what social analysts call 'the power of attraction' - think young, feel young, look young. But eventually, the universe will slap you with reality and you snap back to it. No choice. It's the universal law.

With alt these incoherence and verbous drama, I'm not talking about the dreaded word (aging) nor eternal youth. The point I am trying to arrive at is... ahmmnn... errr... ahh...wait!

The point I am trying to arrive at

Ugh! Forget it.

These must be some year-end jitters. It's gonna be 2010 in four days' time and that means I'll be a year older on spring. This universe has laws and I think I have to abide by these laws because that's what growing up means. I think I have to totally wipe out PRO CRAS TI NA TION in my system and act my age even if not doing so floats my raft keeping me away from murky waters.

This is just one item on my list.

These aren't resolution blah-blah or something. It's just a call-to-self hoping it might listen.

Another entry on my list? To use, as in really, really use PLANNERS instead of just collecting them...


December 1, 2009

Dee Sem Bah!

Hello December, Be kind to me, alright? ^^

Oh yeah, you're right.
It ain't quiet in here -and anywhere in my world- anymore. In fact it's quite the contrary and that's just how I love it. :)

let 'em bells, Jingle. (no, I don't mean it that way, you moss-minded dimwit! **eepz, no space for nega!)
Happy December, everyone.

Me luvin' life. You might as well feel the same, c'mon do yourself a favor.

Kisses. Love love.