February 8, 2009


They're supposed to get you 'ORGANIZED' yeah, but not when your planner looks like this:

Let's start the rip-off on the 19th, 'coz that's when my reality began - day after my Peter Pan left for Neverland *who went where?! Pages before that are bare. Nada...Oh, except for indecipherable doodles my subconscious seems to have copied from asylum walls somewhere.

Bare because, I was busy getting crazy, but the insanity w
as worth it. *toink.

They say being busy's better than being bored, sez who??? let 'em come to me, I'll let them swallow their cliched aphorisms - I'm the epitome of boredom no matter how busy I am, stay away from me, heehaa.

Next spread has found me taming down, thankfully. Busiest day was Friday, the 30th. I was busy checking what the stars have in store for me for the day, or at least according to some pseudo-astrologer. Haha, baliw.

Now comes my dreaded entries: FINAL EXAMS and THESIS DEFENSE!
'makes me ponder: don't just a planner by its cover *WHAAAAAAAAAT?!
And oh, as luck would have it (pun very much intended), one major stressor fell on FRIDAY, THE 13th... Yay!

Yeah, I'm supposed to be busy, but I'm bored, so I free verse....

Until I get to this part, hopefully...
it has sooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooong been OVERdue:

Til then these fingers are doing the rock on sign...
I mean, crossed!

\m/ wehekenwewl!!!

Go pa rin ng go, yo!

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