February 9, 2009

Look who's choking!

choke choke.. I just had a super-sized helping of my post just this noon *burp!
I bade farewell .*haha,as if even a single soul noticed that I did..toink!*...Now I'm taking it back. I had the whole afternoon to noisily ponder that I can't just go MIA here, otherwise, I'll let loose the residual sanity left in me. Sayang naman.

Oh well, I thought I could do what Bunch did, say bye bye here and go hibernate for until when I feel like caving in. But I got so much goin' on that if I can't vent it out somewhere, I'd explode.

So much goin' on. So much that sometimes I had to check the dark skies if the moon's always full.

Like tonight, it's full moon. and my lola told me it's a jinx.
Like earlier today, I had a double whammy.

I'll tellyou all about it later...

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