February 24, 2007

Lethargy In Excess

I'm way to enthralled about life
To heed your existence
I'm engrossed to death about surviving
To be sickened by your futile attempts
At trying to charge at my soul
I'm taking so tight a grip
On my sanity
To throw an ear at your rallies
I recapitulate what's on my head to the crux
To figure out what's inside yours
I know myself too well
To throw defenses against your traducements
I pay homage to how I was bred so much
To joust back at you
So don't compel me to give a damn!


be released from this life
Is to put a halt
On this lunacy
Gnawing what's left of me
To escape from this world
Is to leave
This impedimentum
To be light enough to fly
Towards the light
And dance in surrender

February 22, 2007

Cottonball Aegis

There it goes again
Reverberating mumbles
My sore ears chose not to decipher
There............she frees it again
The solid bile
That passed through her
Pulverized in midair
Infesting the ether
Was she really thinking
It'd hit where she aimed it at?
Huh! Thank heavens for

Origami No Hana

Why can't my pen produce
A single happy thought
Why of battle, of bruise
Why not of bliss I sought

Why can't it ever be
Of melodies of songs
When will the tablet see
The gentle strokes it longs

Must it always display
A sad and bitter note
Why can't I ever play
The joy that I invoke

Shall I bask in this gloom
Will I ever see light
But in fairness I bloom
In the darkness of night

Like the dama de noche

February 20, 2007

Retribution Recipe

The gossipmongers
a mouthful of
the absinthal formula
they, themselves
And I feast
on the
last guffaw
sizzling hot
on my plate
Gochisou Sama

February 15, 2007


Oh glory to your death
You ferocious beast
once traversed
Through this lone temple
Which endured your acrid presence

Hail ye your destruction
Oh savage creature
Who quarried on these walls
kept sturdy with wild boar's blood

Rot into perdition
You fiendish brute
You who can send
The tapestries aflame
With a gush
From your nostrils

Return to dust
That has the same hue as your soul
Be amongst the leeches
Dive the earth
With the worms

And haunt me no more