February 18, 2009

I'm On a CAFFEINE High!!!

I'm on a caffeine high...and worse, I'm currently PMS-ing! So back off!....all hell will break loose.... haha, kidding...

...but I'm on a high, really, although I only had 2 miniaaaaaaaature cups of a 12-peso tea latte with sugar from IBC-13's Nescafe vendo-machine (courtesy of Daddy Jek, thanks again,daddy Jek) - it has the same effect on me as with any other bittersweet beverages/substances --- it triggered my imagined psycho-illness.

So... to you, dear faceless anonymous viewer/s, enjoy an agonizing dose of disorganized thoughts and incoherence. Haha.

Here, my litany begins:

I am multi-faceted.... and I'm a feline....meow, which means I have nine lives... 'got only 3 lives left in existence though...but lo, I'm prowling and living them to the fullest

Current life in existence is at both ends of the pole. I'm the worst bi-polar,yo!. Or at least, a self-confessed bipolar... Cannot afford professional opinion to make the illness official yet. Sorry.
At first cup, I was:


Giggling in all my pa-cute splendor
unmindful how crooked my teeth are

Guffawing silly
devoid of all inhibitions

...and in-love yet again with yet another illusion

Oh, Toni 1, when will you ever learn?

or at least grow up?

On my second cup I was:


My thoughs not only has gone haywire
it popped hyperlinks out every nano-second
and I have no choice but to hide deep into the confines of my aural curtain *my iPod, yo*
and shun your world.

Then there was S I L E N C E
so chaotic it could deafen you

Then there was INTROSPECTION
bathed in paranoia, it could make you go delusional.

*** *** *** ***

But there's still:

PERSISTENCE and immovable stubbornness

that'r, all at once, giving me the metaphorical
major-kick-in-the- butt...

...making me stand on my toes and shrug off all life's colossally-little shit
and say,

BRING IT ON, y'all!

gotta go get my third cup....

...this time, a venti.

Ah, life.... FILL ME IN and

get going.....................................

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