October 30, 2012

Make Do or Do Without

Thank you very much. *breathes* I just dropped my contact lenses.

I guess now's the time to apologize for my grainy and blurry and edited-with-utmost-mediocrity photos.  Truly my editing skills is that of a kindergartner. Really sorry for the poor quality of the pictures in my posts. I have to make do with my cam-phone and point-and-shoot thingamabob from the Jurassic era. Haha.

OOooh dslr and a brave photographer of a partner --- us girls can dream, can't we. :)
I've been nice, Santa. pretty please? Universe?

October 18, 2012


Anniv gift from le partner. Hmm, 'implying something?
I must put these to good use by running...
to the fridge and whip up my my seventh meal of the day. HYOK HYOK HYOK ^O^

♫ ♪

dancing to the tune above for yet one more reason - a lightbulb moment ;) *chinggg* I just created an ensemble in my head, I think thesshoes would be perfect for this ho-hum dress, to give it much-needed ...uhm... " kick ". Hmmm, I've yet to ask my full-length mirror. 

Boho Printclash

Bohemian Printclash.

I find the title cute. It sounds like  a name of  band - Bedouin Soundclash. among their songs, I particularly love Brutal Hearts. Here, take a listen (if you haven't yet )

anyhoo, on to  ze outfit post. :)
Everything here is vintage, well save for my undies, my wedges and my face* (*or at least not yet) hihi

September 27, 2012

HEART EARTH and the flowers that grow on it

I wore this outfit a day after that Tawny Toni look. I just love earth tones --- I guess it's my inner bohemian wanting to shake loose... again. (:

September 24, 2012

Sailing Through Murky Waters

Quite sad a title, yes, but that's basically the reason I haven't been posting in a while - murky floodwater. Ze young fam -that's yours truly, the hubby, and the cute (of course) baby - has just changed zip codes. We moved into some place drier. The old house we share with my in-laws got soaked for three weeks in chest-deep flood, que horror. Some of my pretty dresses were ruined but I cannot complain - others had greater loss. 

Anyhoo, this was me at the height of the flood - still vain! Please excuse the ME in me. Haha. >_<  And oh, I braved the flood (last August 11th) as you can see in one of the photos. Come hell or high water, I just had to buy my son his birthday cake. (:

Oh by the way, thank you new follower. (: It makes me feel so glad that someone who is not a family member actually reads my blog. Hihi.

Don't forget to smile. Laughlines are way cuter than wrinkles. Ah but you've prolly heard that before.


Nautical print scarf - Balenciaga (a birthday gift from mom)
Navy/gray striped dress - Thrifted
Flip flops - Havaianas slim
Backpack - Jansport (my son's)