November 29, 2008

Coin-operated Bitch

Ces't Moi.

Or I might as well be.

The Dresden Dolls have their version, yeah.

And at some-lunatic-times I can very well relate.

I can be it.

LOVE-operated FOOL.

But do not. Do not ever...

blame me 

for doing 

what you want.

You will hear nothing.


Not a thing

from me

A N Y M O R E...

and if ever you'll notice 

the sudden change,

forgive me for shouting this:



The progressive state of your ego

just got you


...and all 'em crazy fans would just say:

The man, with his success, deserves it.

November 27, 2008

In some yeah, Out some yeah? *Insomnia, you dimwit!*

Can't FCKN sleeeeeeeeeep! I have to wake up (wake up???? duh! like I'm still awake!) by 10:00 freakin A.M 'coz  have a class by 1P.M.

No it's not the Christmas Blends that me and the rest of Team Lynyrd  had to endure drinking ( endure because I have to pass up ordering my Green Tea Latte or frappe, and Lynyrd his Decaffeinated Caramel Macchiato )... *MOTIVATION: we're doing this for our fourth Planner...Yipeeyey!.

Neither it is this persistent paranoia induced by feminine instinct I am currently nursing.

I really can't put a name to what it is. I guess I just have to sleep it out...Yeah, like I can!

Aghhhhhhhh! Throw some winks I need to catch! I can't afford an eyebag- removal job at Vicky's!   *eyebag removal??? Sounds weird. Like it's gonna leave a hollow space under my eyes or sumthin...eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!* Wait, hollow space? Call the Grammar Police, quick!

Ah, crazy, drowsy  me.

Still, Actions Speak Louder Than.... errr...BLOGS!

So... Enough said.

I Should Love You Just Enough

I shouldn't love you so much
for then the pain
would be just as much.

I should love you just enough.

I should, I should
I know I should
but I don't...

I don't love you just enough.

I love you so much
that it constantly hurts.

I love you so much.

Stupid me!
Stupid, stupid, stupid me!

November 19, 2008

Roundtrip Ticket to Freedom

Disclaimer: A liter of red wine and two venti Toffe Nut Latte Frap equal crooked philosophical views. It's like having your tank filled to the brim for free, but with the wrong fuel...TONGOINK!

There are things better left undone...there are fantasies that are better left confined in your imagination - your mind will tell you this when it is at its RATIONAL state... then again there are times when you defy rationality just for the sake of, well, defying it. Maybe to test how thick the lining of your stomach is *whaaaaat?!*; maybe to puff you up like "hey pare, so astig that I can do this! Hardcore!".

Yes, there are things better left undone - especially if they are crazy things... there are thoughts better left confined in your imagination - especially if they are crazy thoughts... then again there are times when you defy sanity just for the sake of, well, defying it. Maybe to escape from reality even for just a while; maybe to test how far you can go and what crazy things you can do.

But hey, if you linger in my boyfriend's part of the world, you'll realize that no crazy things and crazy thoughts are ever crazy... you'll see things which you think are extreme and yes, you can try doing it and fear nothing because you know that you can always get away with everything for in your hands is a ticket. and you can be free, as free as wherever your own boundary of freedom will take you.

The ticket?

It's art.


and quoting Jeff Tan, "FUCK ART, man...FUCK ART!".

and I say, AMEN!

But hey, we mean it in a very GOOD way! 

I couldn't have stomached doing what I just did a few hours ago if I don't have that ticket in my hands.

I did it for art.
Plus, I did it with a great artist!

If that wasn't FREEDOM, I never wanna know what FREEDOM is.

November 17, 2008

Meteorite Showers

Once I thought,
Have I ever been a good girl once in my life
to deserve a fulfillment of a wish like this?

I was wrong after all
'Guess I've ALWAYS been 
the badass bitch!

So I just have to keep playing.

November 16, 2008

Back to MY multi-hued World

Due to circumstances too ordinary to mention, I had the luxury of having my sem. break extended to one more week...but all things come to an end and poor li'l me can't have everything *ugh! I've long come to terms with that!*... So I'll be back trekking the pavements of Mo. Ignacia Avenue and revive my stuck-up g-tec .3... Hurrah! 9 units to go burnin' my eyebrows for, and I'm outta' this phase, so then I could elevate to...uhhhh... HARDER level.

You see I have to wind up my body clock and revert it from default (DEFAULT: Vampire Mode), and that's never easy, I have to start from zero sleep to prepare for the process, you know, much like cleansing the system from toxins which require zero food intake  *uh, okay, I'm just  making this up* I'm really supposed to punch in a formal letter kiss-assing Human Resource Directors so they'd hire me for Internship but hey, I miss enjoying my right as the HRL (for Her Royal Lowness, hak hak!)Princess of Procrastination, so here I am doing what I do...err...worse - pouring my innards out *whaaaaaaaaat?! could I be more gross?*

I've gone bollocks as usual, I guess I have to wrap this up and raid my chaotic closet for my saintly school uniform, then Kiwi up my shoes. You see I have to be in school by 2:00PM and heaven only knows how long it'll take for me to conceal the broken capillaries of my undereyes. And if that exaggerated task won't work, I have to go sporting my clear wayfarers. Or I could throw in some rock-chic get-up to complement my dilated pupils and rich-rogue retinas, I know I always have the balls to break catholic school-dress codes, but not this time, no... I don't wanna jinx MY FIRST day of MY LAST semester in school.

Meriz Mini-World, please be kind enough to welcome me back. I sure do miss you a lot *kiss ass*

November 13, 2008

This Vampire is Thirsty!

Deny as we might
The symptoms can no longer be ignored


But let's not quit postponing our farewells, shall we?

Because, honey, I ain't done with you!

November 9, 2008

Our Parts in HIS-tory.

Look at us,
two smart women
Yet we seem to forget that.

Look at us,
two smart women
yet willing to make
a fool of ourselves.

Look at us
two smart women
spreading ourselves too thin
for a one man
whose worth
we cannot really measure...

We aren't that smart after all.

Grin, bear it...and be fab *Thatta' Girl!

Just because I miss me displaying my crooked teeth,
I'm summoning up all my energies to ...
"open up [my] heart 
and let the sunshine in".

November 5, 2008

PEE Fuckin' EM ES, Dear! *A Masochist's Wail*

Steaming off.......

steaming effin' off now...


PMS has escalated to PMDD... no, do not blame caffeine...

What's PMDD for?
 Go WIKI it, babe....

Reaching boiling point .........

Reaching boiling effin' point now....


BUT OH BOY I lurv IT....lurv, lurv it!



*burp....Gochisou Sama Deshita!

Bathe me with rhum, I want to dance in my flame!

Oh boy, don't 
fuckin' stop ANNIHILATING ME



Don't stop sending me AFLAME. Just fuckin' don't!


Now, now, I'll turn the fire off
with my blood...

and my ashes will sprinkle
like hail'

...and dahlen' guess what...
you're the luckiest...


November 3, 2008

will think of a good title soon *wink, wink

I Shouldn't have treated these cliche as, well, a cliche...I should've followed it like a mantra and left the celestial bodies which I have a fetish for, do their, ahmm...shining shimmering thing up, up theeeeeeeeeere. 



...And then some, indeed. But hey, don't get me wrong, I don't have the heart to complain. How could I, when I was just the Davao Province-bred gal who noticed the speeding  growth of her wings and decided her hometown is too constricted a place for her to spread it at its full glory and soar; so dressed in armor and armed with a rusty sword, she filled her maleta with guts aplenty and courage galore...she brought so much, so much she had to pay for the excess.

Those heavy wings took me far. So far I never knew what hit me. But one thing I was sure of, whatever hit me, and however hard it hit my wings --- I always emerge bigger. The forces have to bring it on big time before they can make me back down..then again, they might succeed in bringing it on big time, but  I know I'd still stand tall despite my petite frame. Rawrr! I know ME better, bitch 

There, there, I got carried away! PMS, yeah, yeah! Pardon me for rendering this post incoherent... I knew I should stick with the be careful what you wish for theme, har har. My grey matter really has another brain of its own, it consistently goes haywire. 

>>>>> be fin..   I'm hungry