January 26, 2011

Buh-Bye Pink Feline

Okay so I’m bored. My baby sleeps like a log you see, and I just had the strongest coffee one can ever concoct so I’m revved-up like a deuce. I don’t know where else to channel my energy but here in ze Global Ville. I wanted to do something more productive, for a change.

Like cleaning my inbox.

By cleaning I mean actually reading the messages, sift the good ones from the bad, and throw the stale ones into the bin. So I logged in, excited, ready to click sort until…

And the energy died down like phoof! So I decided to do what I reign as queen at - procrastinate. Numbers this great never fail to astound me. Well, unless these figures were written on a cheque under my name, then h*ll, I don't mind at all.

Numbers bring me back to the horror of College days when the only reason I didn't fail was because my stars were aligned then.... OH lemme' not bore you like you weren't already.

Teehee~ I WAS the pink feline, but hey! me being the pinkpanther is older than that Beyonce flick, and I was so teeny-bopper-young then when I had both yahoo and gmail accounts.. *defensive much? Ahaha. Just saying 'coz I saw your smirk.

Hmmm, I just might hit DELETE ACCOUNT. The thought of having to sort mail this great a number is just so stressing, besides, I have outgrown being this pink feline... And I don't think I'd like it if my son inherits my fondness for the rosy cat! Rarr!!!

January 23, 2011

I Love Paris in the Springtime

I Love Paris in the Springtime
I Love Paris in the Springtime by sassymisstoni on Polyvore.com

Some flowers to match the springtime, a little lace to shield the sun, heather blue skies, rainbow smiles... dear, the dog days are done.

She's Lost Control Again

She's Lost Control Again
She's Lost Control Again by sassymisstoni on Polyvore.com

Not-so-heavy metal subdued by bloody bow. Reds and dark top and tutu suggest girlish oxymoron dancing to the beat of reckless abandon --- hence, whatever!

I never promised you a rose garden.

I never promised you a rose garden.
I never promised you a rose garden. by sassymisstoni featuring hair flower accessories

Think bohemian spring... flowers so lush... misty moisty grasses on the meadow... a huggable tree... then go write a poem.

Dotted Apples

Dotted Apples
Dotted Apples by sassymisstoni on Polyvore.com

My maiden set on polyvore. This kind of paints my emotions as of late - cheery! :)

I Love Andy!

So we just got home from the mall. You see we needed to up-size everything in the li'l man's closet. Someone should've warned me that infant clothes shrink down 5 sizes smaller in a blink of an eye. :p

We tag our un-official nanny along (pakner's niece) for a sole reason - to take photos, so you can just imagine my dismay when the poor cam's battery...ugh! make a guess. Yeah, just when I needed it most (♫♪♪ hum along... youuuuu lehefffft meeeee just when I neeeheeeeded you mooohoost... ♫♪♪). Uh~okay, she was able to take few photos alright, but not as much as I would have wanted. Just enough to document how I wore what I wore.

Pardon the mediocre (if not ridiculous) photo editing. Haha. I wanted to add some drama but it turned out...well, horrible. Toinks!

The un-official nanny:

We went to the same mall as we did on my previous post. You see they don't have much shopping centers here in San Fernando, Pampanga... much as I wanna go back to Makati where I used to live and work, I couldn't bear to part with my son on weekdays. Can I resist this charm?

Who could?

Now who is Andy? And why am I proclaiming my fondness towards him here? No, that isn't my son's name. I love Andy, that's the label of the top I'm wearing. I got it from Artwork for a steal.

And why do I love Andy?
Why shouldn't I when he's my son's godfather. He designs shirts and other covetable yummies for Artwork and its high end sister shop called Bleached Catastrophe. So I presume that's where the shirt I wore here got its name.

Here he is (first from left) on my li'l man's christening day:

And oh, while I'm at it, I might as well show you what I wore then:

There. ^_^

I love you all.

January 13, 2011

First Post This Year

Yeah, don't rub it in ~ I know I announced my coming-back with fireworks and lilac roses (my new header) *wherever that pair of thoughts came from ... haha...

Sorry... I really intended to be more visible here, hey I've included that in my NY's resolution list... I've stared into this box countless of times, tried pouring in mixed sentiments but I always, always, always end up deleting them. I guess maybe 'coz I am still too overwhelmed about the goings-on in my life, I'm still basking in the residue of my post-postpartum (yes, post-post) bliss that I can't quite organize my thoughts well.

See... Just like this: I know that when I begin babbling, I find it hard to stop, and my caffeine-fueled mind would go haywire again and I will just bore you with my plethora of blah-blah-blah! *eeepz

So, consider this post a practice. A refresher. Sort of re-introducing myself in this part of cybertown for the nth time.

The reason I almost break my promise of droppin' by here more often is... teeeeheee~ facebook and tumblr. On the former, I bore my thousand++ friends (that much and honestly, majority are strangers who just happened to be friends of friends of friends)with pictures of my son, and I get carried away by infinite number of eye candies on the latter. So there...

And here, I can't quite decide how to treat my blog. It used to be so easy then ~~~ back when my world was immersed in a tub of existential angst. Nww that bliss engulfs me, I find it quite hard, but hey, universe don't listen... otherwise, you'll pour in nega vibes ^_*.

Shall I speak of fashion? I'm used to just wearing it with sass and personal touch and not speak of it too much- I just leave it in the beholder's eyes, but then again, it doesn't hurt to join in my stalkees's wagon, yes? Oh but I have too limited a resource. My pakner (the boy) slash photog is too inhibited to take pictures of me, not to mention I only have the point-and-shoot thingie. If ever he DID muster the courage to take my pic, they always end up gathering cobwebs in the hard drive. >< And he has this skill of a child. Haha. I'll prove my point...

And oh, one last thing, I am not too proud of the pregnancy weight I gained. No angle could conceal the fact well. Huhuhu. :'( Lookie here:

With major editing I know these would suffice, but, again, I warned you about my laziness too. ^_*

I heart you.


 I wore:

Thrifted floral sundress
vintage woven bag
vintage costume necklace
havaianas high
bracelets from bazaars everywhere