December 31, 2007

So Long Twen'y-Oh-Sevuhn

It had been:

A whirlwind.
A roller coaster ride.
A major bump.

Yet through it all, my winning leap was all that mattered *applause*
Indeed so much had happened and I could never be more grateful for what it had made me become, for what I had proven to myself and to others.

Every explosion, every hue had been recorded on my not-so little Black Book (Starbucks 2007 Planner). Explosion so loud it will shatter your eardrums. The pyrotechnics at Eastwood City where we welcomed that year's Day One sounded like a baby's whisper, illuminated like a toddler's sparkler compared to the bang it created. Colors so vivid that the multicolored confetti showered on us that midnight paled in comparison.

The muddy waters I fell into coated me as Achilles had been. I dusted myself up from the poison the black forces blew my way and I bounced back again, glided on the rainbow that welcomed my ascend and got the promised pot of gold.

Uh-huh. These much.
So mush so that I bet Charo Santos (Maalaala Mo Kaya) and/or Mel Tiangco (Magpakailanman) will turn down telling my story to kapamilyas/kapusos.

Would you believe these extreme whammies?
  1. changed addresses six times (yup, in just a year - true to the term nomad)
  2. proved a former friend's sincerity (lack of it, exactly)
  3. got name dragged in the nastiest of rumors
  4. got stabbed with a pen (figuratively, hey) by someone I least imagine could
  5. got eyebrows burnt (again, figuratively) from almost impossible school works
  6. almost couldn't make it to another semester (due to dried-up funds, thank heavens for promissory notes)
  7. gave up a laptop, a camera-phone, and a diamond ring

It proved two things, though:

a. It's always darkest before dawn.

b. That won't kill me makes me stronger.

Some cliches, yeah.

As for the sunshine-y part, I might get finger-corns punching Q-w-e-r-t Y-u-i-o-p.

But all these were history...

...And tomorrow will be another day

and I'll face it with the same crooked-tooth grin.

And fill again my not-so-little-and-this-time-Brown Book with heaven only knows what.



Go lang ng go!

C'est La Vie. La Vie 'en Sassy Miss Toni *wink, wink*