July 24, 2009

Note to self: "Talk to self, it just might listen."

*ring, ring....* hello self, are you there?
Hey self, you really never listen to you, don't you?
You know what? You were right when you said you'd rather not give in to your hormones. Yeah, yeah, we ARE there...I know you fear nothing and no one but hey, their numbers - I mean your hormones' numbers - should have daunted you. FYI, they are a million times more lunatic than you are. I warn you, it will petrify the daylights out of you should they decide to run amok inside your already fucked-up system. For chrissakes, watch your words! Oh yeah, you have got some attitude, yeah, and it's as raging as your zodiac but man puh-leeze and I mean PUH-LEEEEZE leave 'em poor little souls alone!! They aren't even worth the hell for you to let the world gauge your bitchiness meter!
Oh yeah. I know right where you're coming from. I know that you just had to had to had to vent or you'd explode, right? I get you there but man, it doesn't hurt to be hypocrite sometimes, man that's how this world fucking operates now and the least you can do is participate. I mean go with the damn flow man, go right where the current leads you. That's how this world revolves since Genesis.
Oh do not harangue me about IN-DI-VI-DU-A-LI-TY shit man, let's not even go there. I know how it takes so much out of you to conform but trust me, it will do you good. Y'know Imma' tell you this for your own good - rules are there for a reason.
I know I seldom make sense man but this time I am sure as hell I know what I'm talking about. I mean c'mon, haven't you learned? Haven't all those shit and stuff and shit again and stuff and some more fuckloads of shit, I mean c'mon man, what have all those taught you, huh?!?
Oh, selective amnesia my arse. Look at your skin, look at all the scars on it. Man no matter how you try your damnenest hard to fuckin bury all those to who knows which part in oblivion avenue, the fact remains - they existed! at some fucked-up point in your life, it happened and you have your beautiful scars to prove that they did! And that didn't make you a loser because it didn't leave you senseless. Remember the cliche man, the cliche.... yeah, that one. What doesn't kill you blah-blah cliche, yeah exactly, that one. Man it made you stronger didn't it? I mean look at you. You never were the moronic type, unlike the others who need some pill or substance shit to get through what you have gone through. I admire you for that, man you should know that.
What? So HOW are you "programmed to function" then huh? And will you stop liznen' to Lily Allen, I know that's from whom you ripped that line from, you can't fool me man.
Yeah. Good god you are getting my drift. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Leave them to their businesses, and if they do not have one, and it is apparent that they have none judging from how they find ways of bugging you, then just go ahead and mind yours. You have a life. that's not saying they don't have, it's just that yours is different..and they can never get that. They can't get that and that makes it all the more intriguing. You are a puzzle they itch so much to solve. You are some apocryphal cryptograph (man I don't know where I got that) they wanna get a high decoding. Man let them enjoy the free entertainment, for they can't afford otherwise. After all, the universal law has it:

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