July 8, 2009

I am Cyberslacking *c'mon, who doesn't?

I am Cyberslacking...c'mon, who doesn't?!

Uh-okay, maybe not you. 'Coz maybe you need to wake up at 6 fucking A.M. so you like hit the sack around 11PM, right... Ha-hah! Lucky for me, 6:00AM is in the middle of the night . call me slacker but guess what, I am still awake,....* APPARENTLY!duh!*... cyberslacking.

So now what am I gonna blab about, huh... I've Twittered and facebooked and friendstered and lookbooked (hey, pardon my verbs) and now I've narrowed down my cyberslacking options to, uhmn, multiply. to multiply.. wait, wait... that doesn't sound right, eh... So lemme just say, I've narrowed down my options to here, here, telling you about things that to you may seem not to matter, but to me?, OH HELL IT DOES!

Haha, 'nuff baloney, Toe-knee ...

So lemme tell you about today... or make that yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days when I traded my lunch for something. What that something was? Oh it was worth the abstinence and starvation (or at least I thought so before I devoured its content), - this week's ish of Newsweek Magazine - mainly because it was the young and innocent Michael Jackson on the cover. Then I settled for yoghurt for lunch. I need to shed off pounds anyway .

So with my meager meal consumed to the last drop, my demanding system must have craved for more, oh of course it does, it always does. Coz after devouring the magazine *hey, I may still be hungry but I'm not being literal here, a'ryt? lez make that clear! * I didn't like what I read. It focused on classifying racial features, or colors rather, that to me it sounded too dissertation-ish, too academic, lacking in feeling whatsoever.

Anyway, I'm not designed to bark at trees even if it's the right one so there, I'll put an end now to my critic mood. Nonetheless, I still am grateful there's one article there that made my day - Quincy Jones' fond reminiscence of MJ. Yes, Quincy, He's never gone. He's in us.

Or quoting Queen latifah, "We know we had him..."

God I still find it hard to refer to him in the past tense.

This time I won't be apologetic about obsessing about him and his early demise like I do on most things. Hey it's MJ and no matter how I try to conceal it on my face, the fact remains - I AM AN 80s BABY!

I was 2 or 3 or 4 when I danced along his tracks on MTV and on my grandparents' phonograph playing his longplays/records. And I wore my USA for Africa shirt to shreds. It has a silhouette of him very much alike his picture on the cover of that Newsweek Magazine I traded my lunch with.


I miss him.

I remembered how ecstatic I was when the good people behind Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum transported their goods in our humble City (Davao) and I was there, lingering quite a while on MJ's replica, silly to have attempted to breathe life into him through the thick glass encasement.

Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to really do that, breathe life into him, again.


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