August 7, 2009

Backfire! Ratatat-tat-tat!

I'm fond of repeating myself. Or more like, ripping an own post from one of my social networking sites and spreading them somewhere like gossip. Haha. Maybe 'cause I like it when random thoughts strike because they rarely do (you see I love rare things... and moments)...and when they do, I just have to grab 'em and reproduce them faster than Xerox. And so I will, so just lemme..

From facebook: Toni Antonio is just a little unwell. The mega-doses of enthusiasm spent on a successful 2-week project has backfired, perhaps. The ENTHUSIASM; not the project's success.

From multiply, crossposted to twitter AND facebook: I missed blogging about Cory... the 2-week ultra-high adventure I've been through which caused me to miss it didn't actually make up for it... no matter how great the experience was.

And so from these, I will punch these keys.

Unlike my random thoughts, emotions like this do not rarely strike - I mean the backfiring of high spirits. I often get these feelings and yet it remains a puzzle why I still don't know how to deal with it. I remember going through the same drama when I consumed two tumblers of strong coffee just so I could kick myself and hit the exercise machines. More to alleviate stress than to shed off pounds, although when you look at it, the latter reason is more apt... but as far as my "looking at it" is concerned, the former is more apt. Or whatever. They weighed the same on my see-saw, anyway.

Going back to the caffeine-induced high spirits which backfired... forgive me, I'm trying my best to steer clear from incoherence here...

Where was I?


So I hit the machines. That time I hit it like five times harder... and I sweat buckets, satisfied with the immediate results. But after an hour or two, along with the setting of the sun, my spirits managed to sink down low too... and I ended up throwing cute little dramas to a certain someone. Oh well, I thought it was cute. But that certain someone didn't think so. Gosh, I should've read books like How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days first before trying on the trying-to-be-cute antic. Oh well...

***drained much, will continue later.... *sighs
Will the real drama queen please stand up? *tries to stand....trips

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