July 22, 2009


Wherever my itchy feet (
hey, I don't have athlete's foot... I meant that as a metaphor, yo) take me, I always have baon inside my pocket. Sometimes I got a lot the bulge it creates ruins my silhouette and makes my already ginormous thighs appear even, well, mooore ginormous.

Sometimes what I take with me comes as tiny as
Tink, and sometimes, they are not even tangible. And these ones, I mean these intangible ones, are my favorite. They take me farther than where I want to trek. And when I am being lead there, it serves as my armor, my fail-proof armor.

This time what do I have in my pocket?

Is it tangible?

Something that would quench my thirst and provide me the dopamine I need?

Or is it intangible?

Something that would quench my thirst for life and provide me
happy-hormones, which right now, not only does its proper term escapes me - the hormone itself escapes me. And need I say it? I am sad :(

Good thing I have a
good thing here lurking in my pocket. Yeah it is intangible, and that's just even better so then I'd have no fear of it going stale.

What is that good thing? (or at least good for me)

an INSTRUCTION that reads:


It applies to me, yeah.

You can blab all your way to eternity for all I care but hey, it won't make sense to me. I know you enough to know when you're just blabbing to catch attention or save face from being hit by the bitter fact that hey, you can't go on walking on a cloud, somebody out there is out to prick your bubble with his/her tongue...or pen...or... just encoded words. Somebody out there is always
all ways better than you. Not saying that it's me though, you need to prove enough to earn the comparison. Lemme' haha. Oh me and my megalomania... which is far more forgivable and justified than yours. Lemme' haha more.

And it applies to you, too.

What makes it so?

Dig for the answer in my pocket.

Lemme' hahaha even more.

Oh just shut up! You have been warned, hav'ncha?!

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