July 17, 2009

Question: What's on your mind? *confessions of a facebook addict


has the biggest problemSSS in Cyberlandia :

  • she can't decide whether to post a blog here, in multiply, or a note in facebook;

  • she doesn't know what to tweet yet since she can't cut her current rambling short in order to fit into the 140-character limit;

  • she's torn between defending her fall from grace in Word Challenge or elevate her knowiness level in Know-it-all;

--- she's been battling with herself, wanting to go offline but,nah! she needs her facebook fix.


1 comment:

  1. hahahaha
    don't we all need some facebook fix to get through most days?
    plus, their apps & quizzes are fun (altho somewhat absurd, but whatever, right?)

    apir, mga adik! :D