July 12, 2009

Who are you wearing?

"...because airtime is free"

Love the quote. love who said it - Ms. Daphne Osena.

Yes, airtime is free, but a pricey pot of eyecream isn't. I've been hooked. Addicted. To facebook. In fact it's on the next window waiting for a click.

Anyway, they better make the (band)wagon sturdier lest it crashes.

I'm really supposed to be doing something else right now. say, like hitting the sack. For once. But need I say it? I'm insomniac; or reading this month's ish of Preview that's right there underneath my pillow, waiting to be ogred upon.

Speaking of which...

Hey it's July, it's marked on my planner - their Annual Ten Best-Dressed list. And boy I so like it, oh how I like it. I mean I love this July ish the most (so far, hah). No offense meant to the ones before her but oh boy, I love the woman on the cover - Ms. Maricel Soriano. One word for her - EFFORTLESS SOPHISTICATE! *Hey, those are two words you d*mwit.... see how puyat corrupts ones mind*

Would'ja believe she's 44? And oh, I don't think it's Photoshop. I think it's grace. Grace that comes with serenity despite being successful. Not everyone can pull that off. Especially not such contradiction - success and serenity - I think it's rare that they go together. That explains why I'm serene *haha, got that?*

Anyway, 'nuff about me..

No offense meant to the ones before her but oh boy, I loooove this best-dressed woman the most (Wait! I think I just said that, I'm repeating myself, obsessing about her). Oh well...For me, this one's the ultimate best (so far). I've been Preview's avid follower since 2003 and year after year since then, it's their July issue that I look forward to the most. I've seen how their standards in picking out who'll make it to the list has improved, as well as their way of presenting/featuring these women's impeccable tastes in clothing.

But this time Preview hits it big. They not only looked on the outside, but hey, they dug deeper. With Maricel Soriano leading this year's bunch, they've proven that what's important is who/what the woman is more than who/what she's wearing.

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