April 7, 2009

Post-birthday Special Treat

Uh-okay, you wanna go puke? Hehe. Just please bear with me a little. this is gonna be my last post about the hacknetyed subject. Promise.

I just came back from 2 nights and 3 days of crashing in in a friend's place in FAIRVIEW. From the number of rides I had to take and the number of hours it took me to get to our rendezvous, I think it's more apt that the place be called FARVIEW. Be it resolved *gavel sounds*.

I arrived at the place, with my fingers crossed, hoping my host
won't send me home or worse, strangle me. She killed time in a mall waiting for me, it was so long a wait she was bloody when we met... *Whaaaaaaaaaat?!.BLOODY?? Yeah!, y'now...she was KILLING time...laugh! you dimwit! . But being the kind soul that she is, she did neither. Not only was I forgiven for my tardiness, I was given a birthday cake , the one with a sweet name - Dulce de Leche. Ain't she sweet? She is. She's so sweet she's now covered with ants.

And I thought the sweetness ended there, but I was wrong.. The yummiest of all aromas greeted me as we arrived in her crib. The one person from whom my host inherited her sweetness from was preparing a sumptous meal that reminds me of home --- HUMBA! [it's kind of like an adodo or patatim, only that it's sweeter, and part of the ingredients are bayleaf and dried parts of a banana heart]... And my host had to wipe my drool on the floor...Hehe, that was ffigurative. I was tounge-tied all the while, I has to keep my mouth closed, but not when it was time to eat, I devoured the godly meal like there's no tomorrow, I can't help burping aloud, they were staring at me. Ehermn, excusez moi. I even DEMANDED for a clear soda - the beverage that goes perfectly well with Humba. Yum!

Plus, not only that. Although my sweet host's equally sweet eld
er sister was dogtired from doing their week's laundry, she still prepared another mouthwatering treat. It was so good I had to try my hand at baking it the following day. Fast forward to me sweating my soul out to bake what the recipe-owner so easily prepared . >>>The meal looked the same, yeah. But did it taste the same? Uhmm... let the leftover spesk for itself... Really, I tried my best. I must have used the wrong butter. And no, it was the weather that burnt the cheese topping, not the oven temperature! !!!

And then there was the sweetest of 'em all. The sweet family's two-y
ear old sweet tot (toddler, yo) who kept parroting sweet words.

Yeah, they are a family of sweet souls. That can also be taken in the literal sense, for when I entered the bathroom to take a shower before hitting the sack, I noticed chunks of bath soap carefully being stuck onto the little holes on the wall...
to keep ants from entering, they told me.

Thank you so much Tita, ate Malou, Juan Miguele & Tina.

Thank you with all my heart. Sana araw-araw birthday ko...
*or huwag na lang, tatanda ako nyan bigla!!! horrible thought!*
And oh, I might crash in there again for the holy week...
hehe, joke lang po...kapal ko nam

Salamat TINA, love love!!!
me luv yah, luv yah looooooooooong time

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