April 3, 2009

Another Best Pre-birthday Gift: Forgiveness *from an April Fool's Day victim =)

Yeah. Excuse'z moi, I'm flaunting too much about my birthday, yet concealing how old I'm gonna be..Oh, well... as my status wall on facebook says: I'll be a year short of the big 3-oh, but I remember blogging last year that I'll stick to being 28.

I liked my cake that year [see photo], I wonder how I'll have it decorated tomorrow. Maybe like this:
for heaven's sake, grow up TONI!
Uh-huh. It will take celestial blackmail (for heaven's sak
e daw eh..) to summon me to act my age, and even seven heavens are no guarantee that I'll really heed 'em concern people's plea. I'll stubbornly stay a kid at heart as I noticed that it reflects my countenance, aided a little by the miracle bottles purchased over the cosmetic counter. Oh, okay, aided not just a little, the vanities are a HUGE help. They take quite a portion of my allowance after all.

Wait, I'm soaring far from what I really intend to spill here. Stay! Focus! Behave, your haywire thoughts! Ei you guys're supposed to read about forgiveness, aren't you?, that's what the tittle suggested!


So it was like this. I tried all strategies. I battled with my thoughts. I tried all ways to spill out my contrition. A simple SORRY just wouldn't suffice.

So I tried this BITCH approach:


My sarcasm went to waste. *sigh

So I let the issue sleep. I, however, did not. O_O

The following day, I gave it one last try. I tried a different approach. One that I so rarely use. And it worked as a reverse psychology would, for he was quick to reply:

Okay, don't be sad now. Just don't do it again even if it's April Fool's day.

Yipee. The sad emoticons worked wonders. I laced the text with these . Hey, don't get me wrong, I was sincere there, yo!

But at the back of my thoughts, I wanted to say, "Don't worry, it's still gonna be a long wait til next year...heehee"... but I supressed that child in me...

...and for once, I grew a little.
But that growth brought tears.
And I wet my pillow.

See, that's why I prefer not to grow up.
It's happier here in my carousel,
and my candy cane covers up for the bitter taste of pain.

Just let me not grow.
I'll take life my way.

I love you all.


*Oh, btw... that character there that looks like a smiley drawn by a kindergarten who couldn't stay still, reads, FORGIVENESS.

toodles, love. Airborne kisses.

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