April 1, 2009

You've just been APRIL FOOLED! *peace

Today is the only day in the year when I have a license to throw a prank on anyone and get away with it. Or at least, I think so...

I had it cooking. I hit the sack with a grin on my face. I guess that explains why I had more dried drool this morning than usual *ew! gross! haha.

I made a mental list of victims. This, one - check!... How about this one? --- Uh-oh, not that one, that one might sue me...I need smarter ones, I need a good sport.

So on the shower, I put it (the cooking, yo) to simmer...hehehe later, when it boils, I'll have it served. Yep, I'll have it served. I should nowhere be near the site lest I want a flying shoe landing on my forehead *OUCH!.. although it's tempting to see how the victims would react when, well, when they come to a boil..A little like this icon --->.

I waited for merienda time to make the seeming deed more believable. The script goes like this:

I am on my way to a friend's crib in Fairview. So I'll drop by Broadcast City, Capitol Hills to hand in a little surprise for the News & Public Affairs and Merchandise Teams. Someone (Victim #1) should meet me at the gate for I'll just hand it in and let my cabbie wait. So *hush, hush* while I was actuallly in a train bound to Magallanes Station, I waited til I alighted and told Victim #1 that I'm already at the gate. I called him up and I can hear him panting, catching his breath, what with the slopes he had to trek... then I fried him. He put the phone down. And up until now, he's not responding to my texts... Oh, well. Forgive a fool *wicked grin*

So then to make it up for him, I told him I'll get him even. And that will he please just ride on? I never knew if he did though, what I do know was that I had victims #2 and 3 on the boiling pot. I texted victim #2, she is to get a little surprise at Merchandise Department, or she could just ask victim #3 to do it since I am well aware how full her hands are all the time. So victim #3 had to go down two slopes and a stairway to "get the surprise"...then victim #2 texted, "are you kidding me?"... but my reply was ignored, yes, until now... my reply was, "no, I wan't kidding, just APRIL FOOLING"... So there. *burp*

Let's go back to my introductory blah-blah: today is the only day in the year when I have a license to throw a prank on anyone and get away with it. Or at least I think so...

I had it wrong. I didn't get away with it. It backfired at me real good!

I lost my pink pouch (*sigh, it was a christmas gift from my boyfriend's sweet sister Yeyeh). And in it is my well-loved slide-up phone which went with me through good and bad-angled headshots, its headset and old flex/ribbon that I just had replaced (for the seventh time..kidding, just three times). I think I left it while having lunch at Pancake House Gateway... too lovestruck with my VALENTINE DATE (we had MY celebration) to care about all other things... *sigh.

Plus! *Rant!* The autoload I paid for didn't reach my phone (good thing I still have my JURASSIC spare phone for globe sim) and it's much of a hassle to have to go back for it, so I didn't.

Therefore I conclude:



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