April 4, 2009

Deluge of De Luxe Blessings on My B-Day

Did you ever get the feeling that you're so whole, complete, and contended you're ready to go to heaven the soonest? *hey bitch, are you sure you're gonna get there?! Hehe, not exactly.*

That's what I felt today.
I wallowed in everything I could ever want or wish or need.
For some these may not be much, perhaps it may even amount to nothing, but I have a shallow bliss, y'know.
  • prayers that await answers, prayed in a favorite church where you offer a tray of eggs
  • a very thoughtful gay brother *do I really hafta' mention his gender, or lack thereof, all the effin' time? *
  • friends, friends, friends, more more more friends
  • birthday greetings right from the break of dawn, all throughout the day, and right before the next day breaks --- so great in number that you have no choice but delete the quotes and jokes you saved to give space to it...."Awwww...I thought you've forgotten...*yakap sa ere.."
  • a well of apt words to express gratitude (for well-wishers) with
  • another well (of words), a deeper one, to string and weave poetry with
  • dark chocolates, chocolates, chocochococholates!
  • a custom-concoction of green tea (two teabags) and milk (non-fat)
  • huge, juicy, sweet Fuji apple in the morning
  • music, music, music, non-stop non-stop non-stop music
  • dose of art
  • rain and rainbow after
  • International call
  • Inter-island call
  • Inter-street call during caller's break from Nursing Board Exam. Review
  • surprises
  • sweet words from a hot guy *wink
  • favorite sweet treat
  • must-eat birthday food (according to superstition)
  • star earrings, pop-colored belt, fab wedges, new bag purchased in Baguio to match --- fashion that invites glances from male and female alike
  • nice make-up
  • fresh issues of fashion magazines
  • compliment from a friend whom you accidentally bumped into (in a cake shop)
  • a birthday song from little children (landlord's children and nieces) who have to keep repeating, "1,2,3 ready sing" so they'd harmonize
  • gifts from these (same) little children --- ripped-off page from a coloring book, depicting four princesses, criss-crossed with colors bleeding outside the lines;
  • more gifts from these (same) little children --- their own take on art, with sweet doodles and innocent scribbles at the back that read: HAPPY BITRHDAY ATE TONI, I LOVE YOU from KHYLA...ATE TONIE HAPI BIRTHDAY, mec-mec
  • and yet more gifts from these (same) little children --- old toys that are dear to them yet they know I'd love so they pile it neatly on my dresser ..."ate Toni, sa'yo na lang 'to, diba gusto mo si Minnie Mouse na nakasakay sa pink car?"..."ate Toni oh, di ba favorite mo ang yellow? sayo na to si Spongebob"...."eto pa ate toni, blue fish"...."gusto mo din ba si Shrek?"...Happy birthday Ate Toni!!!
  • a recent favorite song
  • enough moolah to afford six to eight hours of computer rental fee and cab fare, home may just be a stonethrow away but it's like 3:00AM alraedy and you know the cliche - better safe than sorry.
  • plus more sweet words from the same hot guy *kileeeeeg
  • Nyt nyt texts from the same well-wishers
  • greetings from social network pages
  • greetings over YM just a little earlier
  • a greeting in Japanese
  • greetings in bisaya
  • a greeting in French
  • greetings in English
  • greetings in tagalog
  • greetings even in gibberish (from 3 toddlers - the little birthday singers' cousins)
  • et cetera, et cetera, et cetera
So did you? I mean, did you ever get the feeling that you're so whole, complete, and contended you're ready to go to heaven the soonest?

I got that feeling today.

In fact I felt like JOHNNY DEPP just kissed me on the lips and gently took my hand to guide my way on to our waiting stretched Limo, with the chauffeur ready to take us to the airport, where my man Johnny's luxe private jet awaits to take us to Paris. Whew!

Happy birthday to me.
It is happy.
I am happy I couldn't ask for more.

On second thoughts, perhaps I could.
And it's a grand, albeit futile thought...

like, say...


Now, you know why I'm still single. I'm biding my time... Haha.
You wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, JD I just love you so.

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