April 2, 2009

Pre-birthday Special Treat

I just came from a friend's crib. She had a stressful day at the office yet she still spared a breath to make me feel how I'm loved. Her call woke me up from a lazy afternoon nap, and her giggly voice was like a pail of water to my still unbathed bod *yeah,katamad eh... haha*, her bf will pick her up and they'll meet me at my favorite coffee shop, their treat. I looked forward to a venti - and I mean not my drink, but the venti convo (largest helping of conversation, yo! bashing and backstabbing, included...hehe) we are to exchange.. and by golly, I have like a barrel or two stocked in my system and it made my tongue itch .

On my way there, I suggested, no, make that demanded...(it was after all a treat for me, haha)..that why don't we just hold it in her crib... go foodtripping, and watch reruns or have a DVD marathon, I guess that's more intimate. I'm just a shallow gal, y'know, give me a Hershey's Kiss and I'll kiss you back like a puppy.

And so the itch in my gabber subsided a little *just a little. So much to share, so little time*... I bet a bunch has bitten (has bitten? not sure if my past participle is correct. I need a grammar refresher course) their tongues by now.

My burnt-out, sweet host still managed to cook the pika-pika we picked at the grocery store, while we were yakking our heart's out as her boyfriend listens. Poor thing, he can only relate to like 3% of the crazy things we were talking about... he must be mentally scratching his head, saying, tsk tsk...young girls, will be young girls... yes, YOUNG. I may grow another day older on saturday but it's just my age. *Hehe, give it to me*

The gesture was so sweet. And when I thanked her, she answered - "kaw pa, eh love kita"...

The embrace was warm and tight, as he assured, "We're always here for you".

The gift was so selfless and sincere, for when I asked them why they chose to hold it today, they answered,"for you are sure to spend it with your other friends on the day itself".


I wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world, for what could be grander than the gift of love and friendship.

Any tangible thing will perish.

But oh, you might get me wrong there... I'm open for other gifts.
Say, *hint, hint* a magazine subscription, gift certs for a spa or a makeover, good books (yes, plural) or whatever you feel like giving... haha.

But of course these things fall down second best. Nothing compares, lemme' repeat - LOVE & FRIENDSHIP!

Thank you with all my heart, Russel and Dada. I love you, guys.

Oh, btw.. we didn't need to watch movies...nothing beats the cinematography our chitchat could create

Early birthday greetings to me.
Cheers to a great life, and to friends who make it greatest.
And I thank God.

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