January 15, 2009

PAINT-BLOTTED STRAIGHTJACKET * My song for you...provide the melodies, will yah?

I emerged among one of his many sins.
He was just one among the million temptations I gave in to.
I took a little piece among the million broken remnants of what love has torn apart
and wounded myself in it.
Whilst he took a little piece among one of his broken promises,
and wounded as I've already been, he wounded me the same.

But it was a sweet pain.
In fact, the sweetest pain.
An insanity-triggering ecstasy.
The most poignant bliss.

And I'll take it all in.

And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
And I wouldn't wanna know anything else.
And I wouldn't wanna be with anyone else.

For in my crazy world,
I know nothing else matters.

Insane, I remain.
May your skillful arms be my straitjacket?
With your paint-blotted arms
Lock me, until I fade.


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