January 2, 2009

NEW year. OLD me.

I'm at it again. Selective Amnesia... because I'll do all things to keep my mind off the fact that TWO-OH-OH-NINE means *Ugh!!! Deny as I may, Defy as all the pots of cream may - the truth remains: I am nearing the big THREE-OH! *uh-huh, big...in fact, 
H U G E ! 

But my old Artwork Tee reminds me: Age is just a number! So, I'll stay the same care-free *hey, not the pantiliner, alright* me. I miss it. I miss me. For several months I think I haven't been me... not that I didn't enjoy not being me, hey don't get me wrong...It's just that this year, I want the old me back. 

So as this year unfolds, expect the same old me.

I have to bring the old me back to avoid STRESS... god, my acne's getting worse because my T-zone's keen on producing sebum... yes, due to STRESS...and the unwelcome pair of coal gray eyebags have seem to take permanent residence under my eyes... these can't be * palm on forehead*...

...Or is caffeine the culprit? imagine 9, yes 9 no kidding, Starbucks Planner this year. The baristas in Strata, Serendra, and Megastrip didn't have to ask what name to put on the cup *Yeh-bang!* Consolation is, Sparkhope Foundation will love me (and the gang) for it.

In closing, I'll repeat my first line. 

I'm at it again. Incoherent blogging. 


*toodles caboodles*
A happy year ahead, folks!

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