January 30, 2009

NEWSFLASH: Valentine's Day, to be postponed on the 31st of March!

"Sweetheart, sweetheart...Is it March yet?"

Today is the last day of January...*duh!, like the world doesn't know..* and that means it's gonna be Feb. 1st tomorrow...*haha, it's like telling you the sky is blue...or is it?* but lemme' just get to my point first for it is rare that I declare a point, you see, lately I've been pointless - I'm just floating, flowing with the rapids.

Okay, to my point:

I wish we could skip FEBRUARY. Y'know, like we could just rip that part in the calendar. My pop would be glad he'd remain 52 this year. I and my thesis-mates would be ecstatic there'd be no scheduled defense, no pre-grad. retreat to a spooky Nuns' Mother House in freezin' Baguio.

And there'd be no day that would only make me miss someone veweey, veweey, veweey much --- VALENTINE's DAY.

And since this is my page, I'll have my way around here, unless you can hack this out and nosebleed your way to my uber-complicated password even I keep forgetting. So here I hereby declare that Valentine's Day be moved to the last day of March *gavel sounds* . Bear with me, it will be a fine day, I tell you.

So wake me up by the end of March, will yah?
and together we'll celebrate April Fool's the next day...and our (mine and his) birthdays on the 4th and 24th respectively.

Mark your calendars, folks.

*toodles, caboodles*

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