January 10, 2009

Blog-a-blog Blog!

I can make this entry long.
Then again, what will I write about?

Shall I whine about my zits again? 

*gosh, they seem to pop up out of nowhere every sec and guessing what really caused it only makes it worse... izit my hairstyle? izit the new hair products I'm using? the pillowcases? my diet? (or lack of it? coz you see I'm gaining weight) whaaat?

Or rant about my self-inflicted emo-pain?

*I wish I could tell them to their faces that even robots and wind-up toys break down sometime. That I can't be all this and that all of the time.That I have hung-ups and baggages that I know I really need to throw, I just don't know how and where to begin so I throw tantrums instead - it's easier, y'know. Shit just happens sometimes. Or in my case, it does most of the fuckin' time. 

Shall I broadcast how crazy I am about a certain someone who isn't really just a certain someone?

*When I think about it, I had to bite my lower lip to keep from crying (naks!) Since our Lurv story began, I can count the days that we're not together with the fingers on my left hand, and next Sunday he will be away for two long months and (2) weeks.

Or show the cyber-universe how a hopeless-bipolar case I am?

*I'll save you the nega-vibes here, but if you insist for a proof, you only have to review my earlier posts and compare one entry from another. 

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