November 27, 2008

In some yeah, Out some yeah? *Insomnia, you dimwit!*

Can't FCKN sleeeeeeeeeep! I have to wake up (wake up???? duh! like I'm still awake!) by 10:00 freakin A.M 'coz  have a class by 1P.M.

No it's not the Christmas Blends that me and the rest of Team Lynyrd  had to endure drinking ( endure because I have to pass up ordering my Green Tea Latte or frappe, and Lynyrd his Decaffeinated Caramel Macchiato )... *MOTIVATION: we're doing this for our fourth Planner...Yipeeyey!.

Neither it is this persistent paranoia induced by feminine instinct I am currently nursing.

I really can't put a name to what it is. I guess I just have to sleep it out...Yeah, like I can!

Aghhhhhhhh! Throw some winks I need to catch! I can't afford an eyebag- removal job at Vicky's!   *eyebag removal??? Sounds weird. Like it's gonna leave a hollow space under my eyes or sumthin...eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!* Wait, hollow space? Call the Grammar Police, quick!

Ah, crazy, drowsy  me.

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