November 16, 2008

Back to MY multi-hued World

Due to circumstances too ordinary to mention, I had the luxury of having my sem. break extended to one more week...but all things come to an end and poor li'l me can't have everything *ugh! I've long come to terms with that!*... So I'll be back trekking the pavements of Mo. Ignacia Avenue and revive my stuck-up g-tec .3... Hurrah! 9 units to go burnin' my eyebrows for, and I'm outta' this phase, so then I could elevate to...uhhhh... HARDER level.

You see I have to wind up my body clock and revert it from default (DEFAULT: Vampire Mode), and that's never easy, I have to start from zero sleep to prepare for the process, you know, much like cleansing the system from toxins which require zero food intake  *uh, okay, I'm just  making this up* I'm really supposed to punch in a formal letter kiss-assing Human Resource Directors so they'd hire me for Internship but hey, I miss enjoying my right as the HRL (for Her Royal Lowness, hak hak!)Princess of Procrastination, so here I am doing what I do...err...worse - pouring my innards out *whaaaaaaaaat?! could I be more gross?*

I've gone bollocks as usual, I guess I have to wrap this up and raid my chaotic closet for my saintly school uniform, then Kiwi up my shoes. You see I have to be in school by 2:00PM and heaven only knows how long it'll take for me to conceal the broken capillaries of my undereyes. And if that exaggerated task won't work, I have to go sporting my clear wayfarers. Or I could throw in some rock-chic get-up to complement my dilated pupils and rich-rogue retinas, I know I always have the balls to break catholic school-dress codes, but not this time, no... I don't wanna jinx MY FIRST day of MY LAST semester in school.

Meriz Mini-World, please be kind enough to welcome me back. I sure do miss you a lot *kiss ass*

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