September 15, 2008

Sorry Dear

I've stroked my pen of colorless ink into the thinnest sheet of air
I've dipped my sun-drenched index finger on the sand
Yes, I have written you a poem dear
I just wonder where it's gone

For I have loved you in my dreams dear
In my slumber, you were the one
But when I woke up, dear, I wonder
Where have you and I gone?

I tried to reach you through a letter
This time I used an ink of rain
I wrote the letter on the gutter
It held my misery and pain

But I guess it didn't reach you dear
So I tried using another one
I cut my wrist, dear, I bruised my hand
For I have to reach you in ways I can

Forgive me, dear, for what I've done


  1. This is great, really like it.
    Beautiful image you have at the top of your blog too. It'll be interesting to follow your blog :)

  2. Thank you very much Magnus.
    I must say you melt hearts with your poetry. 'Will now be a follower of your page too.