September 14, 2008

My dream and what it means, according to Mama... =)

I just texted mama and asked her what my dream meant...I was actually gonna ask her for a load but I forgot... because of my excitement over what she told me, haha.

The former-black sheep daughter:
, unsa'y meaning sa akong damgo?Nanakop daw ko ug hamog nga lain-lain ug color sa mingaw nga green field...

Translation 101:
Ma, what does my dream mean? I w
as chasing multi-colored droplets of dew in a quiet green field...

The young-looking, pretty mama who's sorely missed by her former-black sheep daughter
I-text taka unya, naa pa koy meeting diri sa chapel.

T 101: I'll text you later, I'm in a meeting... here in the chapel (That's where my
blessings came from, from the prayers of a God-fearing mom.)

After an hour or so...


(Now I can imagine her leafing
through the heavy new age books she sweetly asked that we'd purchase for her at Gateway )
A green field of grass means joy and hope. Reflecting dew in the early morning sun means health, peace, and happiness. Seeing ducks sipping dewd
rops on the blades of grass means love, health, happiness, and romance. Nindot man kaayo ang meaning sa imong dream.

T 101: The meaning of your dream is very nice.

Me: ( 'cause I can't remember mentioning any ducks, although that would have made my dream more panoramic)

Wala may ducks ma, colored lang
ang dew. Pangitaa daw palihog ang 'steep' or 'slope'...

T 101: There aren't any ducks, Ma. Only that the dew is colored. Would you please look up 'steep' or 'slope'...

Mama: Wala may slope ug steep diri. Wala gyud sa duha ka libro, kaning bag-o ug daan...

T 101: There's no 'slope' or steep' here. Neither in the two books, this old one and new.

Me: Wokei...

Oh, wait...I think I forgot something... yeah, the load!
....tagai ko ug load..

Yeah, I believe in dreams. ...I believe in miracles.

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