September 12, 2008


You have been duly warned: I am a stalker and....

STALKING has begun...Although not in the flesh yet, I'll wait for the artist's 3rd Solo to do that.

By sightings, I mean the ones limited only in the confines of my humble bunk, like local magazines and the world wide web.

So here's how far I've gone so far:

Page 158 of FHM Magazine, September 2008 ish. Work featured: Shut Up

Feature about Rajo Laurel's pimped-up place, page 86 of Preview Magazine, September 2008 ish.
Work seen (as collected by The Rajo Laurel, designer extraordinnaire) : Veronica

Plus the following electronic publications/articles:

(list excludes the artist's official website)

And oh, you should take this virtual tour:

>> A Day When Everything Is Beautiful

...Until next stalking, peepz

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