September 13, 2008

Chasing Rainbows

Last night I dreamt I was chasing
droplets of multi-colored morning dew
in a field so serene...

Though I couldn't see myself,
I saw the sheer fabric I wore

swaying in the tranquil breeze...

Yeah I was chasing
rainbow-colored dew

Was I chasing dreams?

No, this isn't a poem in progress, I literally had this dream last night...yeah, last night, not this dawn. Finally, I slept as early as 11:00pm, not because of counting sheeps, I've long given up on that...because it involves Math ....I trekked down the slumber world with the help of these misplaced images :
  • a bitter gourd plantation (uh-huh correct, ampalaya )
  • a wet, disturbed cat, roused by...
  • a savage, grizzly bear
  • an old man who lost his rifle
  • a robot with a wilted frown
  • a cotton plantation with heavy gates guarded by the robot with a wilted frown
Wherever these sleep-inducing characters came from, go ask my nocturnal textmate. Figments of his imagination are as marvelous as he is..but I cannot thank him enough for putting me to sleep. Try playing a mental jigsaw and put the images in their places, ewan ko lang if you won't fall asleep halfway through the mind-boggling task.

Meanwhile, I have to text
mama and ask her what my dream means. She has this thick book on that...

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