January 26, 2011

Buh-Bye Pink Feline

Okay so I’m bored. My baby sleeps like a log you see, and I just had the strongest coffee one can ever concoct so I’m revved-up like a deuce. I don’t know where else to channel my energy but here in ze Global Ville. I wanted to do something more productive, for a change.

Like cleaning my inbox.

By cleaning I mean actually reading the messages, sift the good ones from the bad, and throw the stale ones into the bin. So I logged in, excited, ready to click sort until…

And the energy died down like phoof! So I decided to do what I reign as queen at - procrastinate. Numbers this great never fail to astound me. Well, unless these figures were written on a cheque under my name, then h*ll, I don't mind at all.

Numbers bring me back to the horror of College days when the only reason I didn't fail was because my stars were aligned then.... OH lemme' not bore you like you weren't already.

Teehee~ I WAS the pink feline, but hey! me being the pinkpanther is older than that Beyonce flick, and I was so teeny-bopper-young then when I had both yahoo and gmail accounts.. *defensive much? Ahaha. Just saying 'coz I saw your smirk.

Hmmm, I just might hit DELETE ACCOUNT. The thought of having to sort mail this great a number is just so stressing, besides, I have outgrown being this pink feline... And I don't think I'd like it if my son inherits my fondness for the rosy cat! Rarr!!!

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  1. Oh my!!!! Those are alot of emails :O Hope you get that sorted out :) I would like to invite you to visit
    my blog and follow me if you wish :) I would return the favour of course :)