January 23, 2011

I Love Andy!

So we just got home from the mall. You see we needed to up-size everything in the li'l man's closet. Someone should've warned me that infant clothes shrink down 5 sizes smaller in a blink of an eye. :p

We tag our un-official nanny along (pakner's niece) for a sole reason - to take photos, so you can just imagine my dismay when the poor cam's battery...ugh! make a guess. Yeah, just when I needed it most (♫♪♪ hum along... youuuuu lehefffft meeeee just when I neeeheeeeded you mooohoost... ♫♪♪). Uh~okay, she was able to take few photos alright, but not as much as I would have wanted. Just enough to document how I wore what I wore.

Pardon the mediocre (if not ridiculous) photo editing. Haha. I wanted to add some drama but it turned out...well, horrible. Toinks!

The un-official nanny:

We went to the same mall as we did on my previous post. You see they don't have much shopping centers here in San Fernando, Pampanga... much as I wanna go back to Makati where I used to live and work, I couldn't bear to part with my son on weekdays. Can I resist this charm?

Who could?

Now who is Andy? And why am I proclaiming my fondness towards him here? No, that isn't my son's name. I love Andy, that's the label of the top I'm wearing. I got it from Artwork for a steal.

And why do I love Andy?
Why shouldn't I when he's my son's godfather. He designs shirts and other covetable yummies for Artwork and its high end sister shop called Bleached Catastrophe. So I presume that's where the shirt I wore here got its name.

Here he is (first from left) on my li'l man's christening day:

And oh, while I'm at it, I might as well show you what I wore then:

There. ^_^

I love you all.

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