January 13, 2011

First Post This Year

Yeah, don't rub it in ~ I know I announced my coming-back with fireworks and lilac roses (my new header) *wherever that pair of thoughts came from ... haha...

Sorry... I really intended to be more visible here, hey I've included that in my NY's resolution list... I've stared into this box countless of times, tried pouring in mixed sentiments but I always, always, always end up deleting them. I guess maybe 'coz I am still too overwhelmed about the goings-on in my life, I'm still basking in the residue of my post-postpartum (yes, post-post) bliss that I can't quite organize my thoughts well.

See... Just like this: I know that when I begin babbling, I find it hard to stop, and my caffeine-fueled mind would go haywire again and I will just bore you with my plethora of blah-blah-blah! *eeepz

So, consider this post a practice. A refresher. Sort of re-introducing myself in this part of cybertown for the nth time.

The reason I almost break my promise of droppin' by here more often is... teeeeheee~ facebook and tumblr. On the former, I bore my thousand++ friends (that much and honestly, majority are strangers who just happened to be friends of friends of friends)with pictures of my son, and I get carried away by infinite number of eye candies on the latter. So there...

And here, I can't quite decide how to treat my blog. It used to be so easy then ~~~ back when my world was immersed in a tub of existential angst. Nww that bliss engulfs me, I find it quite hard, but hey, universe don't listen... otherwise, you'll pour in nega vibes ^_*.

Shall I speak of fashion? I'm used to just wearing it with sass and personal touch and not speak of it too much- I just leave it in the beholder's eyes, but then again, it doesn't hurt to join in my stalkees's wagon, yes? Oh but I have too limited a resource. My pakner (the boy) slash photog is too inhibited to take pictures of me, not to mention I only have the point-and-shoot thingie. If ever he DID muster the courage to take my pic, they always end up gathering cobwebs in the hard drive. >< And he has this skill of a child. Haha. I'll prove my point...

And oh, one last thing, I am not too proud of the pregnancy weight I gained. No angle could conceal the fact well. Huhuhu. :'( Lookie here:

With major editing I know these would suffice, but, again, I warned you about my laziness too. ^_*

I heart you.


 I wore:

Thrifted floral sundress
vintage woven bag
vintage costume necklace
havaianas high
bracelets from bazaars everywhere

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