June 28, 2012


Hi, how are you? My name is Daniel Johnston Toni Nimbus. I'm here for a bottle of Mountain Dew. I love Mountain Dew.

 ♫ We drink Mountain Dew, we drink Mountain Dew. We have nothing better to do but drink Mountain Dew.


Let's call this getup Nimbus

With colors (or lack thereof) so grey you'd think of an adolescent heavy with existential angst, a schoolgirl nursing her very first broken heart, or a young mom on a bad-hair day. 

MAC Russian Red
 or Chanel Fatale Rouge could have saved the day, rescue it from total bleakness and gloom but that would deviate from the look tried desperately, and I mean des-p'rate-ly, hard to achieve. 

 Or perhaps an orange Marc Jacobs tote (a knock-off of course, I can't afford the real thing) could have done the trick but that would be like adding cream and milk to a black coffee. 

 Of course this schizophrenicish rambling barely makes sense if at all, but that was exactly the tone I so desperately, and I mean des-p'rate-ly, intended. :) 

 The End. 


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