June 11, 2012

Just Add Tomatoes

I have yet to do justice to this over-sized drop waist dress to save it from being stashed into the impulse-online-purchases drawer. It looks rather drab and grey (well, it is a coal-colored dress, after all ). I have attempted to mess with its  form but I un-stitched it afterwards because I thought it looked worse. Maybe when I gather enough inspirations online, I could give it the love it needs. Ahaha. :D

Anyhoo, I wore it to the mall with a wrong choice of a bag - wrong because there was no... uhmm... ooomph. Good thing I saw a sumptuous tote! I immediately bought it and used it then and there!

And so I learned a lesson that day --- looking for some ooomph? Please see title.

Note: Not too much tomatoes though, lest you wanna have arms as huge as mine. Har~  ^_^