May 20, 2012

FASHION LOVE POST: Momentary Escape à la Mode

My lethargic mind couldn't come up with a better way to call it just yet, I guess this one would do at the moment: FASHION FANTASY.

Though I've been at it for a while now, I have to give the credit to a fellow postcard hobbyist and sweet friend named Abran for seeing it in a different light.

He has this to say:

It was about my recent facebook wall post (and yeah, we do LOVE  each other ^_^).

It pains me to think we might not meet again ever. I'm not from your era.

What made him see it that way may have started from these posts:

I'll wait for you at the Soda Pop Station, sweetheart. Please don't be late.

The day you stood me up... but it's all good, I dated R2-D2 instead. >.<

Yes, you read that right, R2-D2.

Hmm... I think this shall be a start of something more exciting. :) Something that would add substance and soul to something that's -admit it or not- superficial. Something, something, something. Noticed something? Haha. ^_~

P.S. I'll try to make some sense when baby gets back to sleep. 

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