February 17, 2012

POSTCARD LOVE POST: No Stars Out Tonight

If there'll be no stars out tonight, blame a lovely lady from Belgium named Aline Conard . She sent them all to me.  ^_^

Postcard on the right is Starstruck by Erte (1892-1990).

Oh, Art Deco is one of the Art & Design  Movements I so love and thus I adore Erte. I find it so chic and eclectic and fabulous. This is my second Erte postcard by the way. I got the first one from Moniek Krouwel-Schuurman, and it's equally awesome. Look:

Spring Rain by Erte (serigraph, 1982).

The postcard on the left (first photo) is a vintage reprint. Yet another addition to my growing Retro, Vintage Reprints, and Really Vintage Postcard Collection. ^_^


  1. Nice to be here, Toni! I have NO IDEA of the diffference bewtween a 'Follower' and a 'Member' (Google's attempts at social media leave me thoroughly dazed and cofused!), but I appear to be both and I am very proud to be so :)

    The Erte picture is stunning - I know somebody for whom it would be perfect! I shall try to find it and shall buy many :)

    1. Same here, I'm actually using a dormant email every time I sign in, I wanted to change it but I can't seem to find my way around. Thank you for following AND for enlisting as a member, Haha :D

      Thank you dear for the sweet thoughts. ^_^

  2. I love all the postcards that comes from Aline,really nice^_^

  3. That's right, Clarissa, I couldn't stop hoarding them, actually. Several of my art and retro postcards are from Aline. ^_*