February 19, 2012

POSTCARD LOVE POST: If It's Meant To Be, It's Meant To Be

One day in the meadow where pink fragrant  roses bloom

One day in Paradise

Oh heck! One fine day...

*heehee~ ^_*

Pardon the over-aged drama queen in me if I kind of overreacted when I won a gotochi postcard  from a guessing game hosted by a fellow postcard hobbyist, Clarissa Candido last week. It may sound a bit childish but I really was  over the moon *blush*, I even had this to say (see highlighted in orange)

Who wouldn't be? Gotochi postcards are special and a lot of postcard collectors fancy them ... well, I find everything in and about Japan special, why I've lived there for two years so I'm not just saying that, I can attest to that.  (: 

Anyway, lemme tell you how I won through a series of screen caps. Let us call this moment... 


Serendipity.  *giggles~ ^__^


As you can see, I  aimed my shot in the dark  right away, strike while I'm hot WHAAAT?
by the way I am Toni Antonio (Hi, hello, I'm pleased to meet you). I was supposed to be the first one to participate and my guess was Russia, but after 5.44457 nanoseconds (to be exact... Haha. just kidding, of course I know nothing about numbers except when I'm out shopping ) I changed it to Belarus, and with fingers crossed, I typed a heart icon <3 and hit enter. Final answer --- my heart told me so, not that I trust my heart that much, you see it has been broken for seven countless times (7  x   = you do the Math) but you know... ^__~

kidding aside, lemme continue

Meanwhile, while waiting for Clarissa's hundredth official postcrossing postcard to come her way, I stalked the post for every single comment  to see what the other members' presumptions were

Anxiously waiting for the day Clarissa would register the much-anticipated hundredth postcard,  I posted another comment expressing my apprehension, stating that I'd surely regret it if the 100th card would be from Russia:

Until finally:

and again I say, I can't believe my eyes so I looked for proof everywhere, as in Every freakin' Where. ^_*

Sweet Belarus, it is. And oh, don't forget this icon, it brought luck ---> <3

And then, finally, the victory (the victory, victory??? isn't that so big a word? well, it felt that big though) has sunk right in.

Please scroll back up and take a look at the first photo for the reaction shot. ^__^




  1. Congratulations again,Toni!I'm happy for you^_^

    I will send your prize the soonest,hope that you will like better when you get hold of it!Mwahness!!!

    btw,I followed nga pala^_^

    1. Hi Clang, thank you.

      I followed you back.

      Although I can hardly, I shall eagerly wait for that special prize! Of course I'd love it even more then. :* Kisses. Godspeed, dear. Thank you really.


  2. Congrats Toni! I know exactly how you feel. I won a Gotochi set from Clarissa during the PE meet-up last year and I literally jumped up and down when I learned that I got it in the raffle!

    Which reminds me, I still owe you a card! *bad Gene*

    1. Yay! I am normal after all. Haha :D
      Take your time, Gene. You know I'm a patient swapper.