April 21, 2012

POSTCARD LOVE POST: Delicious Thank-you with a Cherry on Top

*Thought of copy/paste-ing (yes, that's a verb) my thank yous from facebook and lift some of them here. Been really meaning to make an article for each one but my son's unpredictable mood would not cooperate so here ~~~ ^_^

Everyday is a thank-you day, but today's huge and fat 

with a cherry on top. ^_^

So brace yourselves for saccharine-loaded THANK YOUs  in 3...2...1!

Dearest Akiko Watanabe, my heart has sniffed the fragrance and it made my soul happy, heehee ^_^

Pardon me if I got carried away, this postcard is just waaaaay tooooo sweet. I can't thank you enough for giving me this. And oh, the stamps are so cute too. Domo Arigatou gozaimashita.♥

Kleng bang... kleng bang*! Said this Big, fat, old bell *no offense*  ^_^ Muchas gracias for this wonderful postcard, dear William E. Fleming. ♥ 

*Kleng bang... kleng bang is how church bells sound like here in PH. Haha. :p

Ask and you shall receive. :)

This had been lurking in my wishlist for quite sometime. The sweet Clarissa Candido ticked it off from there with one sweep of her fairy-godmother wand. chaachingggggg, just like that. ☆ ☆ ☆ ♥ ♥ ♥ Ah, salamat, salamat, salamat! ^_^

Dancing with joy right now. This is just one of the five art postcards in the envelope Angelique Pavyhas sent me. ^_^ 
Merci beaucoup, ma chère amie. ♥ Love love love each of them!

Donald Duck says merci beaucoup. ^_^ Thank you so much, Pascal Jean. My son loves this one. Of course I do too.

You can't make me shut up, I'm fully loaded. :p Thank you, Svenja Vollers for this postcard!!!! :D

Dinner's ready! :D So sexxay! Thank you, Wilma van Vegten for this scorching hot postcard. Perfect for today's Philippine weather, 34.7 degrees Celsius. ^_^

Akiko Watanabe, thank you again and again and again. This one is for keeps. I am honored. (:

Ticking this postcard off my wishlist has brought forth one of the best feelings I've ever felt as of late. Not exaggerating. ♥ Ah, Frida. (:

Why, Bärbel Plinke, why? ♥♥♥ What did I ever do to deserve your kindness. *1,001 kisses and a bigger hug ^____^ It's just Monday but my week has been made.

It's a no-no for me today as I've used up my week's quota but I'm perked up nonetheless, thanks to this postcard from Estebania/Lucia! ♥ ^_^

Adorable monks! Aren't they cute? I envy their bliss, their serenity. Ah, I love this postcard. Thank you ever so much, dear Andrea Walsh-Dowell. ^_^♥

Doesn't end here, of course it doesn't.  (:

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