December 16, 2010

Guess Who's Back? Back Again! Toni's Back!

I'm backkkkkkkkkkk! Ack! Ack! Acccccckkkkkkk!

Uh~Okay, I guess that's sassy enough start.
Yah know what, I'm tempted to change my blog title into Sassy Miss Toni... Now a Mommy or any other title as crappy as that. Yeah folks, it has been a year (check post before this) so what do you expect? I can't just bask in single-blissfulness can I? And oh, I already hit the big three-oh (30 years old, yo) so I just thought I needed to... errr... hurry up.

So hurry up, I did, and oh boy was I glad I... did... (doesn't sound politically right, right? I think so too. Pardonez moi, my postpartum hormones are still wreaking havoc)...

'Coz look what treasure I got:

Adorable, isn't he? ^____^

I decided to go full-time with him for now, and in-between his wailing for milk, I can while away my time by soliloquizing (pardon the fallutin, too lazy to think of a better word) here.

But no, I am not a bored housewife.

Btw, his name is Tomas. Where I got that? I'll tell you on my future posts.

Just so glad to be back. :)

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  1. Yes he is, very very cute!! Love that picture!!

    Thanks for following, I follow you also ;)

    Marry christmas,
    Hugs Ditte