September 29, 2009

Suddenly.... It's oh so quiet in here.

So so quiet in this part of cyberspace.
Somehow this other part of me wants to sulk in here... be an observer.
And for once, say, for a fraction of a second (that quick) I want to step out of myself, and observe it.

And of course the fleeting time I allot myself to observe me isn't enough to do some sort of reality check, but perhaps that's just my style. To simply just forget, or as the hackneyed lines go - to escape reality. Not that I loathe what's in it, not that it needs escaping or sumthin'... someone's always helping me bear it and face it and I just grin, take shit on its tail and swing it away as farther as I can. And that makes me grateful, still.

It's so so so quiet in here. But this hush-hush just deafens me.

For the state within me is opposite.
If in here it's oh so quiet, you can guess what's within me.
And just this once, as in THIS once --- I just want silence.

I guess that's why I'm in here.

Oh, but hear me shout soon...................

S O O N.

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