March 24, 2009

Toni the Strange

I'm not used to this.
This is something strange for me.
Weird, yeah.
I'm weird this way,yeah.
I am.

I'm not used to this.
Not used to finishing something.
I've always been the procrastinator.
I've always left things,
and thoughts,
and relationships,
half done.
Unfinished. Hanging. Floating. Drifting.

So this thing here, this one here...
I'm not used to this.
But it's in my name now.
It is.
And I am.

So I guess I had better.
Get used to this.
It's something I deserve, I guess.
It's something that should've been mine way before.
Way, way long before.

I have it now.
I am it now.
I am.
I am now.

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