October 2, 2008

MARIAN LIGHT: The Emperor's....uh...School Paper

This is what WRITER's BLOCK looks like, garbed in pink.

MURPHY'S LAW at yah! --- Just when you needed to engorge gallons of creative juice the most, there the bar has decided to close shop, and the hot hot hot *yes, triple hot* bartenders raised up in arms to join the rally at Welcome Rotonda *whaaaaaaat?!. Haha, what a picture. That's what whack-en-wall does to me, baby..., yeah wakenwol!

Toni, behave!

Whew!, I can only squeeze out so much words lately, so much and I had to slice them up yet...*yeah, like sushi, dipped in wasabi*. o Tabemashoo. And now that I need tons of it (words, yo...not sushi!), it's eluding me...and St. Mary's College' corners are such serene places to hide that I gave up on the foolish notion that the School Paper adviser cannot hear my midnight-blue skirt squish as I pass by, on tiptoes...Hehe.

And I know I can only weave so much excuses to my Debate professor...Now I'm giving up - I've used up the last excuse on the list i.e., it happens sir, you know, have you ever felt that it just happens?

Prof: What happens?

Me: *sheepishly* Shit.

Shit happens... and it's haunting me now, bigtime. I have to summon up the energy to be, well, WELL. To be well. I have to face writer's block in the face and come up with sensible articles (yes, in plural form) for the school paper. This semester is starting to pack its bags and not an issue is out yet. Ugh! Pressure.

I'm going to HAVE TO battle with it tomorrow. I used up my share of procrastination already.

Good luck to me.

P.S. I didn't know I missed prose this much, I laid down a heap of crap *wicked grin* .

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